Major Jason Wright on Honor in the U.S. Armed Forces

Hear what Major Jason Wright, U.S. Army JAG officer representing Guantanamo detainees, has to say about the tradition of honor in the U.S. Armed Forces, arguing that there is nothing honorable about torture.

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Write Your SenatorsPlease email your Senators today to ask them to support release of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s report on the CIA's use of torture. The report is the product of a more than three-year investigation into the use of torture and it is said to be the most comprehensive document yet produced on the issue.  We need it made public!

The Senate Intelligence Committee report, approved in a bipartisan vote in December 2012, is believed to describe shocking acts of torture and to explain how the use of torture was approved.  Further, it is said to show that torture had a long-term negative effect on our security.  These are the facts that the public needs to know.

The vote will likely occur this fall, so it is crucial to contact your Senators now.

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