No Doubt, It Was Torture! Film

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New Resource for Congregations and Campus Groups
No Doubt, It Was Torture! is an 11-minute film that describes the key findings from The Constitution Project’s Task Force on Detainee Treatment and offers responses from several religious traditions to the problem of U.S.-sponsored torture. After a two-year investigation, the Task Force concluded that there is no doubt that the United States engaged in torture of detainees taken into custody after 9/11, that the torture was authorized at the highest levels of government, and that the use of torture was clearly illegal. 

The National Religious Campaign Against Torture produced this film and an accompanying discussion guide for those who have never had a session on U.S.-sponsored torture and those who are discussing the topic again.  This film best lends itself to small group settings for discussion, such as during an adult education class.  The discussion guide includes an outline for a one-hour class.

Accompanying Resources

Promotional Materials
NRCAT has created a full-page promotional flyer to use for film screenings and discussions. It is also available in bulletin format. Additionally, you can use our editable newletter blurb to advertise a showing. The design is in a Word document that can be edited accordingly.

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