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Working for a Commission of Inquiry


The religious community made a difference in encouraging the President to halt torture; we now must urge our leaders to create a Commission of Inquiry to help ensure that U.S.-sponsored torture never happens again.

Please consider doing the following:

Please endorse the statement. We need thousands of names to give the message that the religious community supports a Commission of Inquiry.

Print out the petition format of the statement (Word document) and ask members of your congregation, family, and friends to endorse it. (PDF)

Learn about endorsements by religious organizations.

Documents That May Be Helpful

A petition version of the statement (Word document). (PDF)

Questions and Answers about a Commission.

A list of heads of faith groups that have endorsed the statement.

Press release on the statement about a Commission.

Testimony that NRCAT submitted during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on a Commission of Inquiry.

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