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Join @No_More_Torture on June 26 - International Day in Support of Victims of Torture - by tweeting your members of Congress & the White House against torture, Guantanamo and Indefinite Detention under the NDAA. Also, feel free to tweet on any subject related to the injustice of torture and in support of victims of torture.

Make sure to use one or more of these hash-tags:



Torture is a MORAL issue because {say why} #June26

Torture destroys the human dignity and respect entitled to every individual. #StopTorture #June26

Torture violates the inherent, God-given dignity and worth of every person. #NoTorture #June26 

Torture desecrates humanity and God who “created humankind in God’s own image.” Close #Guantanamo, a symbol of torture. #June 26

 The @No_More_Torture National Tweet-in Day is part of a National Week of Action in recognition of the June as Torture Awareness Month and in support of victims of torture. It is co-sponsored by a national coalition of more than 25 religious and human rights groups collaborating in a National Week of Action Against Torture, Guantanamo and the NDAA.
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