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Reckoning with Torture - the Movie

Reckoning with Torture Sample Videos

The National Religious Campaign Against Torture has collaborated with the American Civil Liberties Union in promoting a toolkit for local productions of the program “Reckoning with Torture” that includes dramatic readings from official U.S. government documents, video testimony from survivors, and powerful artwork.  NRCAT developed a faith-based discussion guide to accompany the toolkit, allowing participants to reflect on the experience from the perspective of their faith traditions.

Help Make the Movie in 2012!
Now NRCAT is helping to promote a creative new phase of this project that will include the voices of people all across the country in a new documentary interweaving the celebrity performances with amateur video uploaded by YOU!  This collaborative film project will be directed by Doug Liman, director of The Bourne Identity and Fair Game.

NRCAT’s goal is to ensure that religious voices are included in the movie, representing the diversity of faith traditions engaged in NRCAT’s work. Click here to watch some sample videos.

In June 2011, the Los Angeles Region Religious Campaign Against Torture (LARRCAT) staged a full production of Reckoning With Torture.

Some ways you might participate:

  • Record yourself or your friends reading one of the documents while standing in front of your house of worship or another religious site (e.g. a statue).
  • Set up a video camera after a worship service and invite the clergy and others in your congregation to choose one of the documents to read.
  • Set up a video camera during a meeting of your organization’s board or a meeting of a local clergy association and ask religious leaders to come prepared to read one of the documents while wearing their clerical garb.
  • Organize people of faith to be videotaped reading one of the documents in a location that provides an iconic image of your community, state or region (e.g., a cornfield, a war memorial, a government building, a monument, or a national park).
  • Encourage the youth in your congregation do something creative with this project. 

[Note: for outdoor settings, you will need to choose a location or time of day that minimizes background noise, including traffic sounds.]

Complete guidelines for participating in this project, along with sample videos, are available at www.reckoningwithtorture.org. You’ll find all the documents to choose from, instructions and tips for shooting high-quality footage, and steps to follow for submitting your footage online.

Please tell us about your participation in this project! 

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