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State Campaigns

Join the Movement to End Torture in Your Backyard

NRCAT supports state and local campaign partners to educate the faith community about the use of torture in U.S. prisons, jails and detention centers and to mobilize to end its use. Learn more below about efforts in the following states below.

California New Jersey
Colorado New York
Florida Oregon
Illinois Pennsylvania
Louisiana Texas
Maine Virginia

If you have questions or comments about any of the state campaigns above or about starting a campaign in another state, please contact Laura Markle Downton, NRCAT's Director of U.S. Prisons Policy & Program, at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .   

Start a State Campaign

Not from the above states? The first step is educating people of faith about the severe harm caused by solitary confinement. Visit our state-based resources page to check for news, cases, or studies available about the use of solitary confinement in your state.  The second step is mobilizing the faith community to advocate against the use of prolonged solitary confinement.  Below are some tools to get you started:

Step 1:  Collect information about how solitary is used in your state

  • A presentation about organizing state level campaigns from the Strategic Convening on Solitary Confinement and Human Rights in Chicago, (November 2012).

Step 2: Educate

Step 3:  Mobilize

  • Read this report containing experiences and lessons learned during Maine’s 2010 legislative session - identifying partners and allies, organizing the religious community, developing a strategy, public relations and messaging, and connecting with prisoners. For example, the coalition successfully changed the public discourse by identifying long-term solitary confinement as torture.
  • Review examples of legislation to study or limit the use of solitary confinement that have been introduced in other states
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