Torture Awareness Month: Get Involved!

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This June, the National Religious Campaign Against Torture (NRCAT) invites you and your faith community to mark Torture Awareness Month. We will prepare a free toolkit with bulletin inserts and posters and below are other ideas to mark Torture Awareness Month in your congregation or religious organization. This year’s theme for our Toolkit is “Exposing the Truth of U.S. Torture: Restoring Human Dignity”.  Sign-up for the free Toolkit today and in mid-April we will deliver it to your inbox.

The toolkit will include:

  • Ideas for commemorating Torture Awareness Month
  • Background factsheets
  • Educational resources (such as screening the “No Doubt, It was Torture” DVD)
  • A bulletin insert
  • Links to worship resources
  • An action item for your congregation/faith group
  • A downloadable poster

Other ideas to mark Torture Awareness Month in your congregation or community include:

Ending U.S.-sponsored torture -- forever
Unfortunately the past few years have seen positive statements about torture and published memoirs by top government officials who authorized the use of torture, as well as the positive portrayal of torture by some media outlets and in popular entertainment.  We must challenge these views that are rooted in fear with a perspective grounded in the values of our faith traditions.

End prolonged solitary confinement
The most common and pervasive example of torture in the U.S. today is found in our prison system.  Prisoners held in solitary confinement are often detained in a cell by themselves for 23 hours a day, sometimes for years, or even decades. Due to its destructive physical and psychological effects, such treatment has long been considered torture.  Efforts to limit the use of prolonged solitary confinement in U.S. prisons are gaining momentum in a number of states, but many public officials and citizens still advocate for this inhumane practice.


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