Free resources to foster congregational discussions about anti-Muslim sentiment

Hawo's Dinner Party

“Hawo’s Dinner Party” follows the story of a refugee and former nurse who has fled her native war-torn Somalia and now works at a chicken processing plant in rural Tennessee.  Dressed in colorful hijab even on the assembly line, Hawo is determined to learn English and to connect with her neighbors.  But as news of “home-grown terrorism” appears in the national media and as Hawo tries to reach out, we get an intimate glimpse into the honest, often uncomfortable and ultimately hopeful encounters that emerge.

Produced by Active Voice in association with the BeCause Foundation, “Hawo’s Dinner Party” is a video documentary designed to support dialogue and bridge building.  The video helps congregations have fruitful discussions about anti-Muslim sentiment.

Use this video in your congregation in an existing adult education class or youth group.  It can also be used in an interfaith setting.

The video is available at no cost for a limited time, as the video has been very well-received and copies are running out. To receive a free copy, contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , Campaign Director for Shoulder-to-Shoulder: Standing with American Muslims; Upholding American Values. Shoulder-to-Shoulder can provide you with resources to help plan your screening of the video and offer general support as you use this resource.

Interfaith Alliance: American Muslim and Religious Freedom FAQ
What is the Truth About American Muslims?

NRCAT has endorsed the FAQ created by Interfaith Alliance and the Religious Freedom Education Project, What is the Truth About American Muslims: Questions and Answers. This resource provides the public with information about Islam and American Muslims that is often misunderstood. The FAQ includes various topics such as the relationship between religious and civil legal codes, misinterpreted terms and the role of mosques. By sharing this resource we hope to promote understanding among all American. The FAQ can be downloaded here.

As part of NRCAT’s work to address anti-Muslim sentiment, NRCAT is committed to eliminate the distrust and prejudice that so hauntingly paints the backdrop of the film "Hawo’s Dinner Party." Society’s view of Muslims as “other” was one critical factor that led to the U.S. government’s use of torture in the last decade, and the majority of the U.S. government’s post September 11th detainees have been Muslim. By reducing anti-Muslim sentiment, NRCAT hopes to ensure that the dignity of each person is upheld and that torture is prohibited without exception.

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