Torture Awareness Month - Worship & Interfaith Resources

The following resources are from 2013. More worship resources will be coming soon for Torture Awareness Month 2014. NRCAT has a variety resources for faith communities to use during Torture Awareness Month.  On this page, you’ll find resources for incorporating the issue of torture in a worship service and for fostering dialogue in an interfaith gathering.

Coming soon - Click the box/button for a full listing of all prayers in PDF form or you can choose one prayer from the lists underneath the box/buttons.

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A general anti-torture prayer - Download

Lessons from sacred texts: Religious foundations for Christian, Jewish and Muslim efforts to end torture.

“Because It Is Wrong: A Study Resource for Congregations” an outline for a one-hour adult study session, drawing upon the book Because It Is Wrong: Torture, Privacy, and Presidential Power in the Age of Terror by Charles and Gregory Fried. Download the discussion guide. Download a sermon by Rabbi Rachel Kahn-Troster.

Hawo’s Dinner Party is a DVD designed to facilitate dialogue among people from different faith groups, with a particular emphasis on addressing anti-Muslim sentiment.


"Christian Worship Resources for Torture Awareness Month," a collection provided by NRCAT.

"Who Are We Really? Breaking with the Past to Become God's Children," sermon by Gay Gardner delivered at Little River United Church of Christ in Annandale, Virginia.

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Misheberach for Victims of Torture, written by Rabbi Gilah Langner.

For the Sin of Torture by Americans, by Rabbi Simcha Y. Weintraub.


"Islam Condemns Torture" a Khutba (sermon) by Sheikh Abdool Rahman Khan.




"Jewish Sermon Notes on Torture" by Rabbi Rachel Gartner.




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