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Christian Resources for Human Rights Day

Christian Resources for Human Rights Day

December 8, 2013 is the second Sunday in Advent. You might incorporate Human Rights Day into your candle lighting service – for example, see a liturgy from the Presbyterian Peacemaking Program. Or you could include a petition in the prayers of the people.

Petitions - You are welcome to edit for your use:

Gracious God, as we await your coming, we seek a renewed spirit in the ongoing work of honoring human rights. May we see your divine imprint in each person and treat each other with the utmost dignity and respect.

We pray for those who have been tortured, that they may find healing and wholeness.

We pray for those who have perpetrated torture, that they may find new life.

We pray for leadership, policies, and societies where torture is not condoned or tolerated.

We rejoice in your healing and redemption and in your promise that that which is broken, you will make whole. May we faithfully participate in your repairing of the world.

We pray for the leaders of this nations and all nations, that your spirit of wisdom would guide them in upholding the dignity and human rights of each person.

As you call us to love our neighbor, give us wisdom and courage to respect the human rights of every person.

God of new life, help us find ways to live with each other in ways that honor the dignity and humanity of each person.

From Other Organizations: 

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